A real estate sale-leaseback transaction occurs when a healthcare provider sells the real estate utilized for their services and leases it back as a tenant from the new owner. This structure is often considered a form of corporate financing and releases dormant equity from real estate that can be redeployed into the business without conventional and restrictive bank covenants.  Common uses include practice expansion, debt retirement, mergers and acquisitions, and cost-intensive capital improvements. For the real estate investor, a sale-leaseback transaction provides a stabilized income-producing commercial property with a long-term net lease.

Investment Sale

Exit strategy advisory services for physicians, investors, and developers.  Common for physicians that have recently sold their practice and possess leases with tenants that are not in their control.

PRECAP believes the best approach to achieve our client’s goals is through a highly structured process geared towards a specific customized result. The process should be competitive, which increases market interest, improves the terms offered, and maximizes asset value.

Confidential Process

PRECAP begins each assignment with a Strategic Real Estate Analysis. While similar to an appraisal, this process educates ownership on as-is pricing expectations as well as opportunities to add value.

Strategic Real Estate Analysis Components

  • National and local market trends
  • Comparable rent and sale data
  • Cash flow models
  • Pricing and opportunities
    to add value
  • Transaction structure options
  • Buyer profiles

Marketing Based on Client Objectives

Tailored Marketing

PRECAP tailors its marketing approach to meet the goals and objectives of the client. Given every transaction is unique, the firm employs a solution-agnostic approach to marketing.  PRECAP has advised on various strategies including Internal Revenue Code 1031 & 721 tax-deferred exchanges, umbrella partnership real estate investment trusts, and physician reinvestment into real estate upon sale.

Targeted and Confidential Marketing

While many in the industry use a mass-marketing approach, PRECAP presents acquisition opportunities to highly qualified investors in a confidential manner. Each prospective investor must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to reviewing property information.